About M. James

M. James is what you might call a bit poetic. He won the 1999 Prix D’oubliette for his first collection of poems “Burying My Dynamite” which is now, sadly, out of press. In 2003 he won the Turner & Hooch Prize for the most improbable rhyme (“conquest” and “string-vest” if you must know). He is currently attempting to juggle full-time employment, fatherhood and poetry in a manner akin to a man with no arms trying to juggle five microwave ovens.

M. James’s biggest barrier to productivity, and therefore mainstream success, money and fame, is inherent laziness. Once he has success, adoration and free drugs he will be much more conscientious. In an attempt to combat this torpor, he sometimes indulges in daily prompts @ https://dailypost.wordpress.com/

If you post a comment on M. James’s blog, not only will you briefly light up his life but you will also inspire him to write more often. So please do.


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